Covid-19 and Newbury Smile Studio


Following updated advice from the British Dental Association & the Chief Dental Officer, all dental practices have had to stop in-person contact with patients, even for emergencies, to avoid the possibility of face-to-face contact given the very high risk to dentists, and to protect patients and staff. We appreciate that this is likely to be extremely challenging for some of our patients and we are still here for you. We are able to provide emergency advice over the telephone. If you ring the practice you will be able to speak to a team member and, if necessary, a dentist. We hope that this situation will not last long and thank you for your continued support during this difficult time for all of us in the country.

Latest Advice on Covid-19

So what’s all this got to do with Dentistry?

In short: a hell of a lot because of aerosols. Believe it or not, almost every procedure we carry out generates an aerosol. Having your teeth cleaned with an ultrasonic scaler, having a tooth drilled or even blowing air on a tooth to remove saliva to check if the tooth has a hole or decay generates an aerosol. A (dental) aerosol is a collection of viruses, bacteria,etc which remain suspended in the air. These aerosols present a significant infection hazard due to their gross contamination with microorganisms. According to the National Institutes of Health, the Coronavirus is known to stay stable in an aerosol for three hours. That’s possibly three hours that this virus can live just by “hanging around” in the air and only requires someone to inhale it. If the virus lands on plastic or stainless steel, it will remain potentially contagious for up to three days. All it takes is for someone to transfer the virus to their mouth, eyes or nose through direct touch for it to be potentially infective.

Orthodontic Home Repairs

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Dr V Murugaraj

Dr V Murugaraj

MFDS RCS (Eng) FFD RCSI (Ire) Oral Surgery with Oral Medicine

GDC Number: 138050

After completing his under graduation from India, Raj has spent several years in post- graduate education in oral and maxillofacial surgery in United Kingdom.

His post-graduate training in the United Kingdom has provided extensive exposure in the field of oral surgery, and was awarded the membership from the Royal College of Surgeon’s England and successfully attained Fellowship from the Royal College of surgeon’s Ireland in oral surgery with oral medicine, confirming his academic knowledge and experience in the field.

He has published a number of articles in peer reviewed journals, and delivers periodic lectures in oral surgery including medicine related osteonecrosis of the jaw, managing patients with new oral anticoagulants etc.

Raj is a lecturer for Thames valley deanery and conducts practical hands on minor oral surgery course on pig’s jaw for General Dentists aimed to boost the confidence to carry out simple to complex extraction effectively including how to identify risks and manage complications in general practice. Raj is happy to take referrals for extractions and other minor oral surgical procedures.

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Dr. Darragh Buckley Joining Smile Studio Team

We are extremely happy to welcome Dr. Darragh Buckley to our team here at Newbury Smile Studio. He will be working here on Thursday’s.


Dr. Darragh Buckley Qualified from the University of Liverpool in 2013 with a distinction in oral health after attending Reading School. He Specialises in providing conservative and cosmetic dental treatment. Enjoys working with anxious and nervous patients, developing their confidence to treat them in a comfortable and relaxed environment. He has also completed the introductory course of the British Society of Occlusal Studies to develop more advanced skills in the management of tooth wear and joint dysfunction.

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Quick Braces Open day

On the 30th of October we have an Open day here Newbury Smile Studio on our quick Braces

First 5 people who sign up will get 10% discount. Everybody who signs up on the day will get a hygienist visit free halfway into the treatment.

Hurry Up

Dont Miss the Open Day

Quick Braces are for adults who want a quick way of straightening their visible front teeth. This can be done with white brackets or with clear aligners. At Smile STudio we use Six Month Smiles. Six Month Smiles usually straighten the front teeth within 6 months. In some cases it might take longer but it is very rare to go for more than 9 months. This is a safe and quick way to get a straight smile. Learn More

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Gum Recession

Mild gum recession is common. The gum remodels to the shape of the jaw bone under the gum. The edge of the jaw bone is not as smooth and uniform as the gum so the gum changes to the shape of
the bone over time. Please click Here to learn more about Gum disease treatment.

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